Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was bored one Saturday night, the boys were watching a boy movie and so I decided to do some stumbling around on the internet (give it a go next time you're bored).

To be honest, I can't remember the first site I found, the second was a very cool artist's blog, he had managed to do one piece of artwork each day of 2009. This will also give you the stumble tool bar.

The third site I stumbled upon (and am still on 2 days later) was the
tastespotting site. This fabulous site has an array of beautifully photographed food that sets your tastebuds watering. Do yourself a favour and have a look next time you're stuck for ideas. So now I have about 40 new recipes printed up and waiting to go, unfortunately I am supposed to be doing the liver cleansing diet to loose a bit of weight and get my stomach healthy again. Luckily we have decided that weekends are diet free days so I can splurge a bit.

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